Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Diolaze XL

What Is Diolaze XL™?

Diolaze XL™ is the upgraded, second-generation laser hair removal system from InMode and one of the most effective laser hair removal systems in the market today to safely and gently remove unwanted hair from all ALL skin types and tones.

Why is Diolaze so great?

Diolaze XL™ covers more surface area than most other laser hair removal treatments, making it ideal for bigger areas such as your legs or back. By using a wide cooling plate it keeps the skin cool, making the process more comfortable than other laser hair removal treatments.

The Diolaze hair system removes hair evenly and quickly. The gold standard wavelength technology gives fast, excellent results.

When comparing the Diolaze XL with other methods of hair removal, it has four advantages:

  • It almost 100% painless
  • It is faster
  • It requires fewer sessions
  • It is safe for all skin types

How Quickly Will I See Results From Diolaze XL™?

Diolaze XL immediately destroys hair follicles after your very first treatment. You can expect to see consistent long term results after just a few sessions of this laser hair removal treatment. Improvement to the skin’s texture and smoothness will be noticed as well.

For optimal results, most clients purchase a treatment package of 6, but often see complete results sooner and can bank unused visits or “future touch-ups.” Following laser hair removal, most clients require 1-2 touch-ups per year.

At Aledo Empowered Wellness we will customize your treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to save time and money on shaving tomorrow!



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