By now just about everyone has heard of collagen. It is an incredibly important component in our skin and joints. You can buy “collagen supplements,” in just about every major nutrition or grocery retail store in the country. Unfortunately, scientists have proven that after the age of 20 we lose about 1% of our total skin collagen every year. That’s 10% less collagen by age 30, 20% less by age 40, 30% less by 50, and so on. Fortunately, at Aledo Empowered Wellness we offer a variety of treatments to stimulate your skin to produce this magic, anti-aging building block known as Collagen.

What is Sculptra?

One of our absolute favorites is the biostimulatory injectable known as Sculptra. Sculptra is the first FDA-approved facial injectable that actually stimulates your skin to make NEW collagen. Building new collagen takes approximately 4-6 weeks, therefore Sculptra should be administered over the course of several months to achieve optimal results.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra is a liquid that contains lots of tiny particles of poly-L-lactic acid; these little particles trigger collagen formation when injected into the subdermal space. Sculptra is NOT a quick fix–but unlike most dermal fillers that last for 6 months to 1 year, Sculptra provides natural looking results that last for 2-3 years. For patients seeking true anti-aging technology and long lasting results, Sculptra is truly one of the best anti-aging treatments around.

Need help deciding if Sculptra is right for you? One of our highly skilled aesthetic providers at Aledo Empowered Wellness will make sure you have all of the information you need to help you reach your aesthetic goals.



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