PRP Therapy in Aledo, TX

PRP treatments rely on the growth factors and healing properties of each patient’s blood to heal, rejuvenate, and restore different treatment areas. At Aledo Empowered Wellness in Aledo, TX, we offer PRP therapy for joint pain relief, joint health, hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and sexual rejuvenation so that patients can achieve real results naturally.

What Is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that promotes enhanced healing without using chemicals or invasive surgical methods. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and is the part of your blood responsible for healing. PRP treatments utilize these growth factors and healing properties and re-administer them to the body or enhance healing and rejuvenation.

How It Works

To perform our PRP treatments, we must first obtain a blood sample. We’ll perform a blood draw and put the sample through centrifugation. The centrifuge is a device that uses gravitational forces to isolate the PRP from the rest of the blood, causing it to rise to the top of the tube.

We then prepare it accordingly based on the treatment. Some PRP treatments require the topical administration of PRP, while others require that we administer it via an injectable.

The Treatment Benefits

Men and women are turning to PRP treatments to address different health and cosmetic concerns because the treatments are natural and they work. PRP therapy is versatile and can accomplish specific goals during different treatments.

From improving joint health and restoring healthy hair to rejuvenating the skin and promoting sexual rejuvenation, PRP therapy provides a safe way to address different concerns and achieve real results. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • There’s no risk of an allergic or adverse reaction
  • Treatments are completely natural
  • Results appear gradually and improve over time
  • Treatments are comfortable and virtually painless
  • Results are long-lasting

PRP for Joint Pain Relief and Joint Health

Joint pain can negatively affect your quality of life by reducing mobility and causing constant discomfort, preventing you from engaging in normal daily activities and the things you love. There are many traditional treatments for joint pain, but very few treat the root cause of the issue and rarely improve joint health after treatment.

PRP therapy for joint pain is an alternative treatment that can restore function to the injured or affected joint with platelet-rich plasma and its healing and regenerative properties.

How It Works

Injections into the injured or damaged joint can promote repair and regeneration. Instead of just masking the pain like traditional treatment options, PRP can address the root cause of the issue while also strengthening the joint so that it is stronger than before the injury.

If you want to learn more about PRP for joint pain relief or improving joint health, we can schedule an initial consultation to give you more details, evaluate your affected joint, and confirm whether it’s right for you.

PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP for hair restoration is a regenerative treatment that can treat and correct hair loss and improve hair quality. Men and women can experience different types of hair loss and changes in hair health, quality, and appearance.

This treatment aims to revitalize hair follicles by improving scalp health with PRP injections. During the treatment, platelet-rich plasma injections will be made in different areas of the scalp to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production, heal damaged hair follicles, and awaken dormant ones.

Who It’s Right For

This treatment is an effective option for men and women who want to improve the quality of or regrow their hair to treat hair loss, shedding, or bald patches. PRP for hair restoration can work alongside traditional hair restoration treatments or independently for noticeable and long-lasting results.

If you want to learn more about this treatment and experience its benefits, we can schedule an initial consultation to confirm your treatment eligibility, give you more details about the process, and schedule your first appointment.

PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

Problematic skin conditions, combined with the signs of aging, can make patients feel like they need to resort to an intense, invasive procedure to improve their skin. PRP for facial rejuvenation uses minimally invasive techniques to improve the skin with little to no downtime.

During the treatment, microneedling techniques are used to shrink the pores, reduce the appearance of acne scars, tighten the skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin volume, and rejuvenate the appearance.

How It Works

The microneedling device creates microchannels in the skin, temporarily increasing its absorption rate. Applying the topical PRP solution to the skin allows it to absorb healing and regenerative properties and promotes increased collagen and elastin production and cellular renewal.

This treatment proves that you don’t need an invasive procedure to improve your skin; instead, you can rely on the healing powers in your blood to rejuvenate your skin. If you want to learn more about PRP facial rejuvenation, we can schedule an initial consultation to give you more details.

PRP for Sexual Wellness

Not only can we use PRP for joint health, hair restoration, and to treat cosmetic concerns, but we can also use it to promote sexual wellness. We offer a P-Shot and O-Shot alternative for men and women who want to improve sexual health and wellness and treat specific symptoms and conditions.

The P-Shot Alternative

The O-Shot Alternative

PRP/PRF Applications:

Learn More About the Benefits of Our PRP Treatments

PRP therapy can meet the needs of patients looking for a natural yet effective treatment that promotes facial rejuvenation and hair restoration, treats joint injuries, improves joint health, and promote sexual health and wellness. PRP treatments are natural, but they’re also effective and don’t cause any adverse reactions. If you are ready to experience all the benefits of PRP therapy, we can schedule a consultation to give you more details about our treatment options.



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