Revitalizing Locks: Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?

Hair loss shows up in different ways for each individual. At Aledo Empowered Wellness, our treatments for our patients in Aledo, TX, take into account your uniqueness. One option for hair loss is PRP, which is a restorative way to address hair thinning and loss.

Each of our treatments centers around the principles of patient education, high-quality treatments, open communication, and safety. PRP injections are a component of our hair restoration services that can help rejuvenate hair growth by using the healing properties of your blood, and they are just one way that we deliver reliable and supportive care to our patients experiencing hair loss. 

What Is PRP?

PRP hair treatments involve a process where a small sample of your blood is taken and then processed to separate the platelets and plasma from the other blood components. This concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp where hair loss has occurred. The goal is to use the growth factors in your platelets to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage new hair growth. This treatment is grounded in medical research and focuses on enhancing the body’s natural processes to improve hair density.

The Process of PRP Hair Treatments

  • Candidate Evaluation: Before starting your platelet-rich plasma hair treatment, we will determine if you are a good candidate. This can include discussing medical history and current hair health to make sure the approach is appropriate.
  • Blood Collection and Preparation: During a PRP hair treatment, the blood is usually drawn from the arm. Typically, we only need one or two vials to get enough PRP to inject the entire area.
  • PRP Extraction Process: During this phase of the treatment for thinning hair, the collected blood is placed in a centrifuge. The device spins the blood at high speeds to separate the plasma and platelets from other blood components.
  • Application Methods: The next step of PRP injection for hair loss is to administer the concentrated plasma to the affected area of the scalp. Some patients may have injections concentrated in one area, while others will have injections distributed evenly across the scalp.

Frequency of Treatments for Optimal Results

The PRP hair treatment schedule may vary depending on the individual’s response and the severity of hair loss. Initially, treatments are generally spaced about one month apart, with a series of three to four sessions often recommended. After this, follow-up sessions might be suggested annually or as determined by your provider.

How Does PRP for Hair Loss Work?

PRP therapy for hair harnesses the natural growth factors found in your own blood platelets to promote hair growth. These growth factors stimulate dormant hair follicles, potentially revitalizing the hair growth cycle. The treatment also aims to improve scalp health, creating a place for hair follicles to thrive.

How Are PRP Hair Treatments Different From Other Treatments?

PRP hair restoration offers a unique approach to addressing hair loss by targeting underlying issues and enhancing follicle health directly on the scalp. Unlike topical treatments or oral medications that manage symptoms, PRP rejuvenates existing follicles to stimulate natural hair growth without surgical intervention such as hair transplants that relocate follicles. Additionally, PRP treatment does not require continual or daily application, making it convenient and easily integrated into a busy lifestyle with appointments spread out over time.

Ideal Candidates for PRP Hair Treatments

Characteristics of Good Candidates

Individuals experiencing early stages of hair thinning are prime candidates for PRP for hair loss. Effective results often depend on the patient’s ability to respond to the regenerative process initiated by PRP. Those with active lifestyles and good overall health tend to report more positive outcomes.

Hair Loss Conditions Most Responsive to PRP

Platelet-rich plasma hair treatments are particularly effective for those suffering from androgenetic alopecia, which is commonly known as male or female pattern baldness. This condition responds well as there may be more dormant follicles that can be rejuvenated. Patients with areas of “weak quality” hair growth on the scalp, where active follicles still exist, also see notable improvements.

Age and Health Considerations

While PRP hair treatments are suitable for adults of all ages, younger patients who have just begun to notice hair loss may see the most dramatic results. General health also plays a critical role; individuals without underlying health issues such as chronic infections or blood disorders are ideal candidates. With these patients, the body can fully use the growth factors introduced during the hair loss treatment.

How to Take Care of Your Hair After Your PRP Treatment

  • Avoid Washing Your Hair: After receiving PRP therapy for hair, you may be advised to refrain from washing your hair for at least 48 hours. This delay helps the scalp absorb the injected plasma fully, optimizing the treatment’s effectiveness.
  • Use Gentle Hair Care: Post-treatment, select sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are less likely to irritate the scalp or disrupt the treatment areas. You can ask your doctor to recommend products that nourish your scalp after PRP hair restoration.
  • Minimize Heat Styling: Limiting the use of heat styling tools like hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons after a PRP injection for hair loss can prevent further stress on the hair follicles. Allowing hair to air-dry and styling naturally can contribute to better recovery and results.
  • Focus on Nutrition and Hydration: Enhancing your diet with nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals supports hair growth and scalp health following PRP for hair loss. Staying hydrated is equally important, as it helps maintain the health of new and existing hair follicles.

Discover the Benefits of PRP Hair Treatments in Aledo, TX

Exploring our PRP hair treatments at Aledo Empowered Wellness can be the first step to addressing hair loss effectively. Located in Aledo, TX, we focus on utilizing your body’s natural healing abilities to foster hair growth and scalp health. If you’re ready to take the next step, fill out our contact us form or call us at (682) 332-0169 to discuss how this treatment can benefit you.



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